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New CEO Immersion


(Hitting the Ground Running as the New CEO)



One of the most difficult - though rarely discussed - challenges faced by every new executive is coming to grips with, and taking charge of, the Operating Dynamic of the company he or she is taking over. 

The operating dynamic is that complex of human and organizational factors (more than a hundred) that underlies and drives the performance of the company.  And will continue to generate the same performance (for better or worse) unless purposefully changed.

In a large organization, understanding and changing this operating dynamic can take months; sometimes months too long. 

There is a way however to shorten this to a fraction of the time.


"In just two days the process took two years off my learning curve."

New CEO 1500 person company


For the summary of an article written in conjunction with a newly appointed CEO on his experience with our CEO Immersion Process, see:


Hitting the Ground Running as the New CEO