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Corporate Coaching

  • In any sport, the coaching of the team must be of a different order than the coaching which addresses the skills and performance of the individual players. The abilities of the team coach must also be of a different order, and his experience must be greater. For he must deal with the team as an organic, living entity, that has its own spirit and unique motivation.
  • One of the reasons our corporate renewal/turnaround work consistently creates such remarkable improvement in performance is that we deal with the company as a unique, living entity that has its own spirit, its own essential core. And we deal with it through its management teams, as teams, rather than through individuals, however senior; rather than through distinct business functions, however important. This whole-company approach is profoundly different from other processes.
  • As a natural follow up to this work, we have developed a process of whole-company coaching that does for the company what personal coaching does for the achievement of individual CEOs and senior managers. It helps companies, entire companies fulfill their innate corporate potential and achieve success. Just as an inspired sports coach deals with his team as the dominant entity with the players as indispensable parts, so also we deal with the company (the whole-company) as the primary business entity with its managers as the major players.
  • We use our broad and deep understanding of business and our intimate knowledge of the motivations that impel corporate performance to drive this work. See Senior Staff