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Managing In A Downturn  
There are only two things a CEO should be focusing on now: Immediate Profits and Long Term Competitiveness.  Here is how to get both.

The Cash Cow in Every Company
Within any company there are just six critical functions, entirely within the control of management, that have a profound and determining effect on the bottom line. A small change to them generates a huge change in performance.

Companies Increase Financial Returns by 40%  
Studies of more than 4,000 companies show that changing just three critical functions - all in the control of management - changes the bottom line by 20%:

Corporate Will
The Will to Compete is the full, corporate analogy of an army's Will to Combat. When it is strong, outstanding results can be achieved - even in troubled economies.   When it is weak, even the best strategies or tactics, come to nothing.

The CFO as Corporate Prophet
A corporate heart attack - or even angina - does not really strike out of the blue; without earlier warnings. The signs, the symptoms are there long before that happens; often for many years. And, the earliest of these are the CAUSES of the disease, the very DRIVERS of corporate performance.

The Preemptive Turnaround
A unique process through which a CEO can evoke a surge in profits and competitiveness while re-energizing the organization and its management.

The Black Hole in Due Diligence Audits
Two thirds of mergers and acquisitions fail. The problem does not lie in the due diligence, most are well done.  It lies in what is not covered by the due diligence: The actual causes of future performance.  (The due diligence measures only the expressions of the past.)  The causes can be identified; they can be quantified; above all, they can be changed.

Predicting and Preempting the Corporate Heart Attack
Do you know . . .
  • That it is possible to predict the performance of a company, long before it shows in the financials?
  • That altering just six critical functions of a company by just 20% changes its bottom line by 40%?
A Balance Sheet and P&L for Effectiveness of Management
Waiting for management effectiveness to show on the bottom line can be dangerous.  There are ways that the Enron debacle could have been predicted.  And preempted. 

Fire In The Corporate Belly  Reversing The Corporate Ageing Process:
Companies, unlike people, can be immortal - or nearly so. They can stop and reverse the ageing process. But it takes a leader of courage and vision to do it.

Corporate Retrenchment or Corporate Renewal?  
The bottom lines may be the same - at first. But there is a profound difference in the long-term competitiveness of companies that renew, rather than retrench.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall . . .  
Within a company, no great change can happen, no substantial performance increase can be achieved unless and until that company faces clearly and fearlessly what it really is today.

Hitting the Ground Running as the New Manager
50% of new executives are gone within 18 months.  The reason lies in what is not provided to them:  The Balance Sheet and P&L for the actual causes of performance.   "In just two days the process took two years off my learning curve."  New COO.

Stealth Marketing
Any company which has a ratio of non-sales calls to sales calls of 5:1 or better, is sitting on a gold mine, has an opportunity to sell invisibly, without resistance and without costs. All that is needed is?

Warning Signs of Corporate Health
There are only a handful of functions that determine all corporate performance, from creating strategy to final execution and financial results.

From Politics To Purpose
No trade association executive, no chairman of the board, need be told that boards and politics go together. But politics, left unchecked, can destroy a company?

Corporate ViagraŽ  
Do you need it? Can you get it? And is it fun? - The seven transitions of Corporate Renewal.
Creating A Virtual Crisis
Knowing what to do is easy. Making your people WANT to do it is the challenge.

Jump Starting The Leadership Engine

Manager Survival in the Face Of Mergers

The Company: Living Entity or Machine?
The company is a living entity with personality, and body and soul. And treating as such allows it to respond powerfully to its leadership, its people and its marketplace.

The Stages and Measures of Corporate Decline