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         Evaluates a company's Corporate Will (its innate will to compete) and identifies action steps to improve it.



         Quantifies the key management functions proven to directly impact profitability.  Our smallest survey addresses all major factors.

         Presents the key functions in terms of a Balance Sheet and Income Statement together with their underlying drivers and blockers.

         Focuses management on priority issues and areas which will provide maximum return for effort.


Leadership / Management

         Creates immediately understandable measures of the CAUSES of corporate behavior and their direct impact on profits, productivity and performance.

         Focuses attention on dangerous situations not yet visible to accounting or due-diligence audits.

         Measures the effectiveness of ManageMENT: i.e. the resultant leadership and administration available to the company after all dissonance is accounted for.



         Provides an immediate, in-depth analysis of the organization for an incoming manager.

         Shows where improvements need to be made.

         Identifies areas of maximum return on effort.

         Facilitates inherited managers imprinting on the new CEO.


M&A / Due Diligence

         Provides the hard numbers needed to predict future performance: something no traditional due-diligence can do.

         Identifies what needs immediate change - and how to do it.

         Guides and helps manage successful mergers.


Turnaround / Renewal

         Enables Preemptive Turnaround.

         Measures core motivations needed for a sustained turnaround – company wide and unit by unit.

         Indicates the readiness of a company to undertake a new enterprise.

         Identifies what needs to change - and how to do it.



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