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The Corporate 360


A Balance Sheet & Income Statement


Predicting and Transforming Business Performance





There are just six critical functions that determine - and therefore predict - the performance of a company.  They are more important than strategy, tactic, processes, finance, or ”culture”.  They are the root causes of business success or failure.  Because they are entirely within the control of management, changing them can be easy.  Collectively, they form the Operating Dynamic - the driving spirit - of the company.


Knowing the root causes of performance in detail and measuring them in terms of a Balance Sheet and Income Statement, allows CEO’s to:


         Predict future performance - far ahead of the financials or the KPI's

         Trigger significant (>10%) profit increases


The Balance Sheet provides the value, for effectiveness of the Operating Dynamic: how it is working; what it is laying down for the future of the company – good or bad.  The Income Statement shows the trend line on that value.  Together, they provide the Innate Trajectory of the company.  (Nothing can predict a result further ahead than its cause.)


Multiple academic studies, of more than 1000 companies, have shown that improving even 3 elements of the Operating Dynamic by just 25% increases financial returns by 40% or more. 




The Corporate 360 surveys provide a full-spectrum, in-depth analysis of the organization and its health. They are MANAGEMENT TEAM instruments only.  They are web-based, simple and easy to respond to: the smallest takes less than five minutes to complete; the largest about thirty.  Commentary can also be input.


The surveys provide a 360 appraisal of the company (not an individual) and each of its units, from the inside, through the eyes and perspective of its managers.  They put hard numbers on factors that cause, predict, drive and also block performance.  They work for large companies and small.


The instruments are a distillation of the turnaround and profit improvement work that FitzGerald Associates have engaged in since 1976.  They have been proven in more than 200 organizations, low performing as well as high.


Survey responses are evaluated by our senior diagnosticians, not by computer programs.  Findings are explored in-depth with the CEO’s and management teams using our unique facilitation process. 





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